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tala ant egg oil Is it natural?

Yes, it is completely natural and herbal is made from organic herbs and ingredients.

Is it effective?

It is very effective and results within one week. For complete results, you will have to take course up to 6months.

Is it tested clinically?

Yes, the product has passed through various tests in various companies.

Does it harm our body?

No, because it is made using natural ingredients there is no harm using Tala Ant Egg Oil or Cream.

Do you offer free samples?

No, we don’t offer any free samples.

Can it be ordered online, email or phone?

Yes, all options are available with us.

Do you offer cash on delivery option?

Yes, we do offer cash on delivery option.

Do you offer discreet packaging?

Yes we offer discreet packaging. We don’t mention the name of the product on the packaging.

What is your policy for shipping?

Our shipping is free worldwide.


I was about to marry it was two months left. I bought ant egg oil, i was complaining about hair above and below my lip. My hair decreased due to tala ant egg oil till my marriage day, and my marriage was a successful one 3 months later my partner asked asked “What have you done to your upper lips and chin?” I am happy.

RIYA, India.

I have been using Tala ant egg oil for 5 months. I did not trust it before the use. My hair completely got disappeared. I am cheerful to have such an experience of using Ant egg oil.

ANNA, Canada.

A friend of mine from Canada tried TALA ant egg oil and it worked for her. If you still shipping the product worldwide I would like to try it for own myself?

PRIYA, India.

My hair thinned and reduced after I used Tala ant egg oil within the usage of two months, and then I stopped using it because i am pregnant. So, I don’t use it but later I am definitely going to use that.


I experienced wonderful results. This stuff in my best outlook to all of you. I have noticed less and less hair with every session. This truly is a marvel in the bottle if you follow instruction. Thank you Tala. You have truly been a sanction. I will pass on the message to the word and try to tell everyone about this product. Thank you!

SUZUKA, Japan.